What To Expect At 258 Deaf Street

Every 258 Deaf Street event is uniquely different and always very interesting

Businesses & Vendors

Going shopping on 258 Deaf Street is always fun! Browse the newest products and services from Deaf-owned businesses and other vendors or exhibitors.

ASL Presentations

Come to 258 Deaf Street and you’ll learn something new every time! We offer informative and inspirational ASL Presentations and sessions included with every ticket!

Party Parade

Our Party Parade is one of the most fun and exciting parts of our 258 Deaf Street events because everyone gets to join in all the fun we weave through the entire festival and dance along to the beat!

Deaf Variety Show

We host a truly special Deaf Variety Show that includes some of the most interesting, funny, heartfelt or unique performances from local performers and artists.

Deaf Got Talent

Our Deaf Got Talent show is just what you think it seems like – We showcase some of the most amazing Deaf Talent in a Talent Show you’re sure to enjoy!


Move along to the beats with our Deaf DJs and Deaf musicians. We like to play good music at every show, because believe it or not – many Deaf people love to feel the beats!

Headshot of Dawnena Michelle Muth

Dawnena Muth

Founder & CEO

We're always looking for new ideas with a local flavor for every event. We welcome new event opportunities and entertainment sponsorships.

If your entertainment business or attraction is interested in participating in a 258 Deaf Street show, we welcome all ideas, offers and inquiries. We are always looking for fresh new ideas to make each event better than the last.