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aunched nationally in 2000, CSDVRS was developed by and for Deaf and Hard of Hearing individuals as one of many services available from a nonprofit human services agency in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. It was the first organization to commercially develop and perfect video relay applications for Deaf and Hard of Hearing consumers, spawning a booming video relay services (VRS) industry.

Today, we are called ZVRS—a stand-alone, for-profit company still dedicated to that same spirit of innovation and commitment to excellence. In recent months, there have been many changes within the organization – the Z of today and tomorrow looks quite different from the Z of yesterday. The “New Z”, as it’s been coined, offers a fresh face and renewed drive for innovation and functional equivalence in communication access for all.

As the industry leader in communication access services, we pride ourselves on an unwavering commitment to those we serve by providing the very best interpreting services paired with highly innovative products. In particular, customers appreciate access to topnotch professional interpreters, all of whom are nationally certified and highly qualified and follow very high standards of service excellence—above and beyond Federal Communications Commission requirements. They are specially trained to offer customers their preferred mode of communication: voice carry-over, where the deaf or hard of hearing person uses their own voice; interpreting in ASL or English-based signing; or use of both English-based signing and lip reading.

As we continue to set the standard within the VRS and telecommunications industry, we strive to change the game because we believe communication access is a right worthy of the utmost respect, and because every conversation matters.