258 Deaf Street Vendors / Exhibitors

Hello! I am Sofia Seitchik, a Deaf Women Entrepreneur and founder of Global Deaf Women, now in its 9th year of operation. I grew up in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and St. Petersburg, Russia before I emigrated to New York City at the age of 16. Despite having no knowledge of English or American Sign Language when I arrived in the United States, I overcame these obstacles, becoming the successful woman I am today. My success was not only paved by my own passion and desire for more in life, it was also because while working in a career oriented position, I attended many conferences for my line of work. To my disappointment the conferences I went to were run by hearing people, I was growing frustrated by the lack of Deaf mentors, speakers, and attendees. Eventually I sought out Deaf motivational conferences so I could share my experiences with other Deaf people in our own language, but found nothing. This eye-opening revelation and her own arduous journey planted the seed for the formation of Global Deaf Women. I’ve had the pleasure of being a motivational speaker and a certified life / business transformation coach to multiple women communicating in American Sign Language. Women who are current or aspiring business owners turn to me and Global Deaf Women for life coaching and for resources in building their confidence, achieving their vision, and discovering their inner light. Over the past 9 years I’ve met and admired some amazing Deaf Women who are visionaries, artists, founders, and entrepreneurs. I was determined to gather their stories, to be recognized and published in a book, The Light of Deaf Women: Inspirational Stories from Visionaries, Artists, Founders and Entrepreneurs.