258 Deaf Street Vendors / Exhibitors

James started decide his name business in 1997 as DeafGifts.com as a deaf-owned, home-based business, related as well as specialty gifts I’m doing direct order business in Brunswick, Georgia, selling deaf-related products at Deaf Expo Show, Deaf Club, Deaf Festivals all ove the country. I started with small limit items such as T-Shirt, jewerly,dolls, magnets, pencils, vibrating clocks, and signaler systems.

I remember start at Bowling where deaf people there-it sell small but it keep me going, not given up !, Friend to Friends helped me to go where there having as deafclub. So I decide to explored more else where and go from there, it grow better business.

My wife, Deby admitted she enjoy adding new items and accessories to the line by using her talents in Art and Craft as well as drawing, firgures clays, numbeous gifts from decoration to clocks, calendars to book mark, stickers, stamps, puzzles to poster are now available for purchase.

She loves doing with crafts sign language to show people made it.