More than 300 Attended!

March 16, 2019

San Diego, California

About this event

258 Deaf Street is a Festival where the deaf community has come together to celebrate their diversity. It is something VERY INTERESTING Festival with business vendors as well as local and national performers. In partnership with various performers like Wawa’s World, Keith Wann, DJ Nicar, Hula Bella, and others – we aim to show hidden talents in the community.

258 Deaf Street is also a place where love and light come together to edify your gifts and talents. We promote entrepreneur spirit in this free market where individuals need to promote their business. This event is to bring spotlight to those who want to be recognized for their gifts and talents. This event is all about unity.



March 16, 2019

Start Time:

10:00 am

End Time:

4:00 pm




Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

207 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101


10:00 AM: Festival Opens / Registration

12:00 AM: Hula Bella

12:40 PM: Meet & Greet #DeafTalents

12:45 PM: Beethoven Nightmare

1:45 PM: Wawa

2:05 PM: Keith Wann

2:25 PM: Magic Morgan

3:05 PM: Hula Bella

3:15 PM: Raffle Drawings (Sponsors / Vendors)

3:45 PM: Bye Bye Festival!

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Hard Rock Hotel San Diego

207 5th Ave
San Diego, CA 92101