Kumar Singh

Kumar Singh is a Deaf native from New York who now resides in the Central Florida region. As an alumni of Rochester Institute of Technology, Kumar is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in American Sign Language to promote and further the teaching of American Sign Language. When Kumar wasn’t busy fulfilling his role as Deaf Services Transition and Outreach Specialist at The Center for Independent Living, he found pleasure in being an ASL tutor at Valencia College supporting students through academic assistance and mentoring! Kumar Singh is also the resident host of ASL Slam, a monthly event held within the heart of the city of Orlando, FL. which provides a platform for Deaf and Hard of Hearing people to express their talents in ASL poetry, performance arts, improvisation, literature, visual arts, and/or storytelling! This is not only a Deaf/ Hard of Hearing’s culturally treasured pastime but it fosters an ideal environment for Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Hearing alike to gain comprehension of the language and cultural arts that millions of Americans have already embraced! And because of America’s awakening to American Sign Language and in an effort to keep Her eyes open, Kumar is also an active member of The Florida Association of the Deaf’s “Kitchen Talk” crew. The “Kitchen Talk” crew’s mission is to share current affairs not only within the Deaf community but also in and throughout the state of Florida and to distribute relevant information concerning laws, civil rights, events and exciting updates, by word of mouth and on social media!